Prashant Anantharaman


CVD: A communications validity detector for SCADA Networks

  • A collection of Language-theoretic security parsers to prevent exploits in SCADA networks
  • We include a large collection of protocols: ICCP, Modbus, IEC61850, DNP3, GOOSE, IEEE C37.118, SES92, SEL Fast Message.
  • We also included a UI and a command-line tool to detect various configuration mismatches in substations.

ParseSmith: Parsing Algorithms for Binary Formats

  • We use Symbolic Register Automata to parse real-world binary formats.

Kolgai: Intraprocess Memory Isolation for Everyone

  • Several ways of isolating memory exist. None of them focus on executable permissions.
  • Most of them require you to modify existing code to make it work.
  • Kolgai presents a way to analyze binaries and extract the minimal state machine for the program.
  • Kolgai can then inject this policy into the binary while supporting executable permissions via SMIP.