Prashant Anantharaman

Skills and Achievements


  • Programming Languages : C, C++, Ruby, R , Python, Java, Javascript, bash, LISP, Ocaml.
  • Tools : Ruby on Rails (Web Framework), Django, Ghost, Wordpress, Hammer (Parser combinator framework), Git (version control), emacs (text editor), LLVM(Compiler Infrastructure), Latex.
  • Databases : Mysql, Postgres, ORACLE.


  • Our paper on an MQTT Key-Management Scheme won an Honourable Mention Award for the Top 3 papers, and was nominated for the Best Paper Award.
  • Received 50% scholarship for my first year of Master's study, and 100% scholarship for the second year at Dartmouth College.
  • Was among the 1% among the 500,000 students receiving admission to College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University for Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engg.
  • Received “Best Senior Thesis Award” for my Bachelor's thesis on “Code Compaction in LLVM IR”.
  • Won best Dartmouth Hack at HackDartmouth Fall 2015.
  • Conducted several workshops on Free Software Technologies, including Ruby on Rails, Python and Git.
  • Student Director of CEG Tech Forum, that conducts an international event, “Kurukshetra”, under the patronage of UNESCO.