Prashant Anantharaman

Writing Tips

Loosely adapted from and Tom Cormen's writing rules.
  • In order to .... is mostly useless.
  • It is Wi-Fi. Its a trademarked term.
  • Check for "i.e.", "e.g." and "etc.".
  • Footnote marker comes outside punctuation. "Word.1", not "Word1."
  • "However, we could not find X." should be rewritten as "We could not, however, find X."
  • Do not use the word very.
  • Utilizes -> uses
  • Use comprises, not comprised of
  • That is restrictive, which is not
  • Only modifies only the term that follows it.
  • Delete the following:
    • Secondly, Thirdly, Lastly
    • We say that
    • It is to be noted that
    • As stated in our approach
    • We want to
    • We consider this -> This
Checklist for avoiding obvious rejection...
  • Define terms
  • Mention contributions
  • Experimental conditions
  • Figures should be visible in black and white print
  • Related work - how is your work better than the rest